Windows Genuine Something Notification (KB0MGW7FH4X)

Are You SURE You Aren’t A Pirate?

This HIGH-PRIORITY UPDATE for Windows XP will be installed by your system as soon as possible, as it is vital to the continued proper operation of your PC, apparently. By all means, if you do not have Automatic System Modifications enabled, please visit Microsoft Update as soon as humanly possible to ensure the speedy correction of this vulnerablility before ne’er-do-wells exploit your system and possibly run software for which Microsoft does not receive royalty payments. Also, be sure to visit the “More information” link if you crave the “Confidence and Peace of Mind” that only “knowing that your software is legitimate and fully supported” can bring. If the photos accompanying this “informative” page are to be taken into account, you will also feel compelled to hug your computer. Awwwwww!

 Windows Genuine Advantage Notification (KB905474)
Date last published: 4/25/2006 The Windows Genuine Advantage Notification tool notifies you if your copy of Windows is not genuine. If your system is found to be a non-genuine, the tool will help you obtain a licensed copy of Windows. System Requirements
Recommended CPU: Not specified.
Recommended memory: Not specified.
Recommended hard disk space: Not specified. Get help and support More information

Not being cognizant of any Windows-counterfeiting activity, I must only assume it exists, and that it has finally defeated the activation safeguards. I’m just trying to figure out how such an authenticity test must work, and wondering what the possibilities are for false positives. I also wonder what exactly is going on in the software world that Microsoft is pushing out such an update. On one hand, this patch almost certainly must check for the existence of known activation workarounds, and not do much else. On the other hand, I am starting to believe that a sufficiently-motivated group of Chinese people can counterfeit ANYTHING. I shall now employ my mysterious third hand in order to express my modicum of offense at having to prove to Microsoft yet again that I have paid them, thank you very much, not to mention the concern that this proof (and associated marketing material) must be transmitted via the same channel used for critical security-related updates. update 2006.05.03 @11:48
Finally, Peace of Mind
Looks like someone is finally coming to the aid of those who might inadvertently be pirates. Microsoft should be thanking these guys for their hard work to ensure that nobody is accidentally defrauding our Redmond buddies. (via digg)

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