RHIT Homecoming 2006 Checklist

Good for [pf!] and other living things

A few items to get synced with the other pikas (and other interested parties):

  1. Yes, it is safe to return to Terre Haute. My accordion is broken[0], so incidents should be limited in scope. I also do not have a “quest” of any sort planned this year.
  2. So far, the weather forecast is looking cool and dry. HUZZAH.
  3. A side effect of MATRIMONY is that not all of us can stay at the Moore Bar, Filmworks, Arcade, and Sofa Depository[1], so hotels have become involved. D: Plan/panic accordingly.
  4. For Bob’s sake, have yer communicators charged. (An exception can be made for Qwan, whose cellular provider cannot be arsed to provide service more than four miles from a major city center. However, abuse must be provided every time his reception cuts out.)
  5. Have your DS equipment handy at all times, and be ready for anything. We’re going to have plenty of opportunity to use these suckers, especially if we try for our usual Saturday Dinner at Olive Garden, not to mention at the department visits, or during/in place of the football game, in the hotels…
  6. My contingent will hopefully be there before the outhouse falls in.

I think that’s it. This thinly veiled reminder to BRING YOUR DS[2] means that we are now officially more co-ordinated for this thing than ever before. D: PANIC ACCORDINGLY!

[0] The G-minor-7-diminished chord button is stuck down. The upshot of this is that it is still 100% playable and functional, but any song I wish to play must be in Gm7 throughout. I have yet to find such a song that does not make me want to jump in front of a train, so I’m on Accordion Hiatus.
[1] Technically, I didn’t ask for clarification after she said that she would not like to sleep on pergamon’s floor. Maybe she may have just wanted a cushion. TRUST ME, UNMARRIED DUDES, SOMETIMES IT’S OKAY TO MAKE ASSUMPTIONS.
update 2006.10.07 @01:49

Oh my… A conversation with Qwan/Mighty Matt outside the Steak ‘n Shake in Terre Haute has reminded me that

  1. He’s actually not with his old, unarsable cellular provider anymore, much because of their unarsability and the razzing we gave him about it. In fact,
  2. He’s on MY provider, which is plenty arseable nationwide as far as providing coverage goes. What’s more,
  3. He switched providers on my recommendation, which was cause of some jubilation at the time. The fact that I can’t remember this happening clearly indicates that
  4. Either my memory has failed me, I’m too self-absorbed at this point[3] to remember my own causes for celebration, and at any rate
  5. The fact that I’m razzing him about something he fixed two years ago makes me kind of a jerk.

So: I hereby apologize to Matt for being such a jerk[4] about his phone, and resolve to fact-check before I razz him again.

…Well, okay, I can’t really promise the fact-checking. [3] Add the wedding into my usual level of self-centeredness, and this actually makes an uncomfortable amount of sense… one of my obvious character flaws, and the most painful. Thanks to all of you who have to put up with it.
[4] Well, did that in person, too, but this one’s for the record.

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