Myst Online: Uru Live Beta

Social Interactions in my Myst? It’s more likely than you think.

In the interest of fairness, since this is a beta product, and in order to avoid writing too much about Myst while out of character, let me just say a very few things. Out of Character: If you don’t know what Uru is, look up this game. It’s a fully immersive, 3D puzzle/exploration/adventure MMORPG. This means that there is nothing to kill, no experience points and no levels. There are some ages to explore and solve, including the ones that came with the game originally, and they will be releasing more over time. Additionally, it’s now multiplayer, which means you can interact with other people and take them into instanced ages with you to solve multiplayer puzzles or just hang out and see the sights. But there is a story, and it’s a story that is actually affected by what the players do, and is actually revealed by what the players explore. For more information about the game from the outside, see the official game site. But for more information about what Uru is really like, visit the site of the D’ni Restoration Council.

In Character: K, Canthros and I have all linked in to Uru now, and there are actually people down there, even before the grand public opening of Uru. We were even able to go on a quick walking tour of one of the neighborhoods, thanks to one of the Resident Engineers who works in Uru. We’ve visited a few ages together, and shared Reltos and neighborhoods. I’ve met some of the other volunteers, and they seem to be an overall neat bunch.

Out of Character: There are still some technical issues with the game, as you should expect from a beta. If they can work these out, this will be a real thrill ride for those of us who want some role playing games to be games where people are playing the roles, and want truly inspiring 3D environments to populate with our friends. I’m stoked.

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