Keeping the gate far too closed

Quoth ångel: “Your verification question to assure I am not a bot gave me pause.”

Then came to me, in person, michele: “It ate my comment, a long one with a T. S. Eliot quote!”

So, something was awry with my theme and WP-Gatekeeper, and I shut it off in favor of Akismet.

This is kind of a shame, because I really like the idea of WP-Gatekeeper. It’s Captcha, but instead of a weird graphic, it asks you a question. The question is supposed to be obvious to a human, but non-obvious to a computer:

  • What color is an orange?
  • Which of the following is food: Rocket, grape, gravel.
  • What compass point is usually “up” on a map?

It’s a fun little Turing test1, and it seemed less obtrusive to me than regular Captcha.

Of course, Akismet is not obtrusive at all, but any sort of machine-judged anti-spam solution means you’re now counting on a machine to pass a Turing test, instead of a person. That still seems risky to me…

If it fails, let me know, so I can find yet something else.

  1. I’m pretty sure ångel is pretty advanced for a bot, and can pass most Turing tests. (What’s the emoticon for a raised eyebrow?) []

1 Responses to “WP-Gatekeeper”

  • (What’s the emoticon for a raised eyebrow?)

    Does this work? , ‘:D

    Your commenting system keeps eating my excess whitespace. It makes it difficult to accurately depict a Proper Raised Eyebrow. T-T (In preview mode, at any rate. I guess we’ll see when I actually post.)

    I didn’t have a problem with the question — IIRC, it asked me which of the following is the female: Dick, Jane, or Spot. The only non-image CAPTCHA thing I’ve ever come across involved math, so this amused me. (On a related tangent, do we even know Spot’s gender?)

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