Gaming Holiday: Day 5-7

After putting in another ~30 hours, bringing us to a total of about 90 hours over the course of a year, FFXII is now finished. And, no carpal tunnel syndrome.

In other news: FFT:PSP (just as in the original, IIRC) is, even more than I remembered, murderously complex. If you’re thinking about getting into the series, but are unsure whether you’ll like it, I would seriously recommend starting with Final Fantasy Tactics Advance. (It looks like there is a DS sequel coming, as well.) At least that way you can learn if you like the gameplay style without plowing through all of the hours’ worth of text and diagram tutorials in the larger game, and facing crushing odds from the beginning. There are differences, and you will have to visit the tutorials to figure a few things out, but at least you will have a chance to survive.1

  1. Also, sage advice from The Reverend: Ignore the Zodiac System. []

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