IT Admin Locks up San Francisco’s Network

A friend shared this in Google Reader today: PC World – Business Center: IT Admin Locks up San Francisco’s Network.  She commented: “I’m a bit surprised that this isn’t more common. Who wouldn’t want to arrest the BOFH?”

Wow… I hope I’m not in the minority here, but I’m surprised it happened at all.  IT workers are professionals, and from where I’m standing, professionals take our jobs seriously.1

Sure, I laugh at the stereotypes, too, but the BOFH is just a fantasy villain!  If you can’t trust a professional, something is wrong.  Your IT guy may know a lot of things that not everyone knows, and may have access to a lot of things that not everyone does – but so do your auto mechanic, your architect, your building’s electrician, and your doctor.2

(And no, friend, I don’t take offense at your comment.  I just wanted to give a counterpoint.)

  1. That goes for individuals and groups as well.  Where was his manager in all this?  Why didn’t someone in his department intervene?  What is their contingency plan? []
  2. Your IT guy may also act a little weird, but you probably think that about your mechanic, too. []

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