Cats Falling Down

Finally, A Site About Toppling Animals

It’s Saturday night, after dinner.  You’ve had a beer.  You’re hanging out with some friends, and eventually you tire of watching Kung Fu films.  Sill, you can’t go anywhere.  It’s the middle of the night, and the constant rain has flooded the streets all around.  You start watching YouTube videos on the big LCD TV, and you realize:

Man.  It is hilarious when cats fall down.

This is a universal truth1.  It’s important.  There needs to be a website about it.  You check out what domain names are available…

Later on, the beer has worn off, and you can’t sleep due to the constant rainfall.  But you already bought the domain name, so why not go for it?2

And so, in that spirit, I present to you:  Cats Falling Down Dot Com.

  1. At least, as long as the cats are unharmed. []
  2. Side note: setting up a new site must have worn me out, because I could sleep just fine afterwards! []

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  • And I thought Lucy was a clumsy little kitten! Now she doesn’t have to be embarrassed anymore. =)

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