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Ongoing PSP Adventures

I have played this game many times.  And seldom do I break the tradition of the first group I ever fielded, well over a decade ago1:

The Original Party

The Original Party

Admission: this is senseless.  When I first played Final Fantasy on the NES, I was not familiar with the genre, despite coming in well after the fourth game in the series had been released on the SNES.  I chose these classes because they were on the screen to begin with, and I figured I didn’t know any better.  I didn’t even have the instruction manual to guide me.

(Also, it always struck me as strange that the names could only be four letters long.  Later on, I learned Japanese, and then it made sense:  In the Japanese kana, each character represents a syllable.  So, allowing up to four characters is allowing up to four syllables, and a four syllable name is quite long enough!  Allowing longer names after the translation to English would have required an interface overhaul.)

And now, I have the PSP version.

It looks and sounds very good, even by comparison to the GBA version of a few years ago:

This Wolf Is Doomed

My "Expanded" Names Aren't Much Classier

I think it’s hilarious that I keep buying and playing new versions of this game, and I love it every time.  This time, it’s even pre-empted another old favorite I had started back into.

Don't Wait Up, Guys

Don't Wait Up...

  1. One of my little brothers will have to tell me if I got the Black Belt’s name right.  I keep oscillating between “Kane” and “Kage”. []

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