State of the Games

For the sake of the people who actually keep track of what games I’m playing, whether to get recommendations or try to play multiplayer, a quick log of what I’m doing in gameland hides beneath the jump.

On The Xbox:

  • Wrapped up Fallout 3 today, and I have to say, I agree with everyone who thinks it kinda stinks that the game ends at the end of the main quest.  (Granted, this is a video game, and so within its borders we do have the power of time travel.  I could just load up my last save before the last leg of the quest and go do anything else.  I could even just start again with a new character, which I hear is popular.  I just kind of miss the “coda” phase of open-world games, in which everything important is done, and you can roll around and check out what you missed before.)
  • Probably already mentioned Banjo Kazooie Nuts & Bolts – I had taken a hiatus from Fallout 3 in order to play it straight through from start to finish.
  • Also played Saints Row 2 straight through, because I wasn’t ready to go back to the Wasteland just yet.  (Saints Row 2 stays open after you finish the main quest, but in that case, I had already pretty much done everything you can do in the game, short of finishing a few of the side games and mopping up the Achievements – which I’m not really interested in doing.  Banjo stays open, too, but again, short of beating all the records, I’m done in there.  Both games will occupy the same space as the completed GTA games: I will pull them out when I want to do a bit of what the game has to offer, without getting too involved.  After 6-24 months, I will probably replay each of them from the beginning, as well.)
  • In turn, I had taken a hiatus from Fable II to play Fallout 3.  I may even restart Fable II from the beginning, depending on where I left off.  However, given the fact that money (from land and shop ownership) accrues in that game even when you’re not logged into it, I may have some pretty heavy motivation to stay with my current character.  That game is so much fun to play, and apparently to watch, that I’m really looking forward to getting back into it.
  • Tried out The Maw today, and the world did not exactly shift beneath my feet.  Given some of what I’ve read online, you’ll have to forgive me for that expectation.  Still, it looks like a clever game, and I’ll probably wing the 800 points at it when I want a diversion, or a new game for K to enjoy.
  • Still halfway through Mega Man 9 on the Xbox, and most of the way through on the Wii.  I haven’t felt the need for that kind of platforming for a few weeks, so it’s collecting virtual dust at the moment.  I’m also disappointed that its internal Challenges system is not tied to its Achievements on XBox Live.  There a lot of Challenges, ranging from simple body counts to feats of refined skill, and I’d like to share that information with my friends in a way that does not require me to call them up and say, “Hey, I just beat my 1,000th enemy!”
  • Resurrected Test Drive Unlimited when my K’s mom was staying the night, because I wanted to play a game, but wanted something completely non-violent.  That game is so strangely compelling to me, and it seems like it shouldn’t be.  Yet I find myself struggling against the game to be a better driver and take in bigger prizes and buy better cars, even though Burnout Paradise is ready and willing to just let me fly down the streets and smash into everything I see with little penalty.  I’ve decided to buy a second copy of TDU when next I see it – to get the case and manual, which my first copy lacks – and then I’ll give my spare disc to my (racing fan) boss to play.

On The PC:

  • I like to play Tower Defense games, and NUD is cool, but…
  • …other than that, I’ve been avoiding my PC, because it runs Windows, and I don’t much care even for Windows gaming anymore, since I have a system in the next room that lets me play games in a superior A/V environment for almost no effort at all.  In fact, it plays most of the same games these days, and will even let me play them online.  It even lets me play games with my wife in the room, sharing the experience and presence.  This is really hard to beat.  However, my friends are still PC gamers, at least when it comes to playing together…
  • …and now TribesNext is out.  If anything can get me back onto a PC, it’s Tribes 2, and so that is what they have done.  I’m trying to port over all my configs from my old Tribes install today.
  • Left4Dead is a PC game for me, too.  Valve hates the consoles and only loves PC gamers1, so I buy all my Valve games on the PC.  So, I pre-bought L4D long before I read any reviews.  Then I read the reviews, and all the reviewers gush about how they haven’t been this genuinely scared by a game, possibly ever.  And I think, “I don’t like to be scared,” so I have been giving it a pass.  I may have to actually launch the game, soon, just out of curiosity.
  • I should probably play some more EVE Online, just long enough to remember why I don’t like it.

On the PSP and DS:

  • DS status: still don’t like it.  Played a bit of Lock’s Quest, which is okay, but not quite tower defense, which is what I wanted.  Compared the DS version of Chrono Trigger with the PSX version running on my PSP, and decided that I would play the PSX version and give the DS version to K (who has been playing rather a lot of it).  Will I still buy a DSi?  Um.  Probably!
  • Got all the way to the final boss in Final Fantasy for the PSP, and remembered that there is one reason why you need a White Mage in this game.  Too bad for my party, I don’t have a White Mage.  Nor do I have a lot of chunks of 30 minutes where all I want to do is battle my way through a difficult dungeon only to inevitably perish at the hands of a deity-boss who is harder than every other beast in the game, combined.  So.  I guess I’m not finishing FF again.
  • Got to the President in FFVIII and lost interest for a bit.  We’ll see where that goes.
  • Brave Story: New Traveler, why have you coupled such a fun combat system with such a cartoony story?  Oh yes, that’s right, you’re made for kids.  Oh, well, I still like you alright.
  • Monster Hunter watch update:  Nope, still sucks.
  • Hot Shots Golf Open Tee 2 is now in the bag.  It’s not even an open-world game, and it still has a good coda!  After the credits roll, you are promoted from “Platinum” to “Black” level, and compete to unlock the rest of the accessories.

So, that’s games.

  1. Or at least, given the fact that all of their patches and content updates seem to be PC-only, it seems that way. []

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