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Permalinks Temporarily Wanged

I upgraded this blog to a new version of the WordPress software in order to get some juicy new features, and it in turn bit me with a crippling bug in the permalink system.1  Until this is worked out, I’m using post IDs instead of dates and titles to generate permalinks.

If you read this blog via a feed, you probably won’t even notice.  If you got here via a permalink that went 404, please use the search box on the right – that at least seems to work!

  1. One day it’ll finally stick in my head that the WP guys have… unexpected ideas about quality control. []

Refactoring – Part 2

When I was at TigerDirect, buying the two 500GB drives, the guy behind me in line couldn’t believe that I’d need that much space.  However, I am vindicated: after copying all the old servers’ hard drives, I’ve just about filled one of the drives.  Granted, the second drive is nearly empty, but I’m going to need someplace to put new files.

I’m also going to have to make up for the lost sleep, I fear.

Now I have to sort through 500GB of files.  And it would be nice to get Fuppes back up and working so I can stream media to the XB360.  And I should get enough of my home directory restored on the new server that I can use it for voice chat.  Thank goodness that the mail, web and chat servers are offsite now.

(A quick note to those who may be considering installing Ubuntu on a Mac Mini:  It’s not quite as straightforward as installing Ubuntu on another computer.  I have it set up to automatically boot into Ubuntu, and it’s working great, but it took some work, some extra software, and plenty of failed boots before I got to this point.  And, of course, editing some configuration text files, which I understand can be a turn-off for some people.  I also can’t freely boot into Mac OS, lest I have to disable the ext3-formatted USB drives.  That’s okay by me, though – I don’t plan on booting into Mac OS. If you’re considering duplicating my project, we can discuss it in the comments!)


Now that I have all of’s services moved off to a new home, K and I shut down our network for a day so that we could refactor the network. All of the internal servers have now been replaced with a single Mac Mini running Ubuntu, with two 500 GB USB drives, and all of the network’s cables and hardware have been affixed to the back of my desk. (I’ll have to upload pictures of K’s handiwork later. I don’t think she minded helping, since she gets to reclaim an entire closet as part of the deal.)

All I have to do is move all of the data onto one machine, using my USB hard drive cable, and sort it all out. Hooray for long weekends!

New Server has just moved to a new server.  If you’re seeing this page, then your local DNS has picked up the change.

It Got Around To Me

The web server upgrade was grand for a while, but then I started getting mysterious, daily kernel panics. While the occasional glitch is expected for any machine built out of parts that are just lying around, 40% downtime does not indicate a respectable level of reliability, even for the $0 price. After all, having a slick’n'fast WordPress installation is worthless if it’s never actually running when I want to post!

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