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Got Around To It

I had enough hardware lying around that I no longer had any real excuse for running the web server on a PII-350. Now it’s running a bit faster.

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Keeping the gate far too closed

Quoth ångel: “Your verification question to assure I am not a bot gave me pause.”

Then came to me, in person, michele: “It ate my comment, a long one with a T. S. Eliot quote!”

So, something was awry with my theme and WP-Gatekeeper, and I shut it off in favor of Akismet.

This is kind of a shame, because I really like the idea of WP-Gatekeeper. It’s Captcha, but instead of a weird graphic, it asks you a question. The question is supposed to be obvious to a human, but non-obvious to a computer:

  • What color is an orange?
  • Which of the following is food: Rocket, grape, gravel.
  • What compass point is usually “up” on a map?

It’s a fun little Turing test1, and it seemed less obtrusive to me than regular Captcha.

Of course, Akismet is not obtrusive at all, but any sort of machine-judged anti-spam solution means you’re now counting on a machine to pass a Turing test, instead of a person. That still seems risky to me…

If it fails, let me know, so I can find yet something else.

  1. I’m pretty sure ångel is pretty advanced for a bot, and can pass most Turing tests. (What’s the emoticon for a raised eyebrow?) []

Migration and Themes

A quick description of the process so far

Moving to the new blog has actually not been very difficult, but getting it set up just so is turning out to be a some work. Any reader who works in a design-related field will already appreciate this fact, but it’s something that strikes me anew every time I try to customize something.

This post details some of the technical and aesthetic details of the transition and the reasons for it, in case anyone is interested.

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Activate Your Dancing Pants

This blog is now usable

I got sick and tired of the old blog code here, and it was keeping me from posting. [0] I wanted to add comments, I wanted to make it prettier, I wanted better editing facilities. So, after Pedant made the switch, I’ve decided to follow him once more into the WP breach. Or, you know, the first time, instead of once more. Whatever.

I’m pretty sure I’ve done everything necessary to keep any links into this site working, and I’m pretty sure that everything but the LJ quizzes have made the transition pretty much intact. Wheee!

Update: I think it was Pergamon who gave me this animated monstrosity. I LOVE IT.

Activate Your Dancing Pants

[0] Well, it wasn’t, you know, TRYING to stop me, but having to write the HTML for each post in a terminal window gets annoying after a while.

Coming Attractions!

er… well, upcoming posts

I guess while I’m in this pinch spot between waiting for the World eBook Fair to start and leaving for the Independence Day Cookout, I will outline a number of posts that are coming up now that I’ve got a little bit of time on my hands.

  • WEDDING RECAP in which I chronicle a little bit of background information about that event for anyone who’s interested,
  • HONEYMOON OVERVIEW in which I bore the snot out of you about how easily amused K and I really are,
  • KATHY’S WEDDING in which I codify the 100% true Tall Tale of my cousin’s wedding ceremony,
  • DS LITE in which I exhort you to spend money on toys,
  • DS REVUE in which I briefly review each of the 20-odd gamecards we have here in the house, and
  • NEW PALM PILOT in which I use obsolete terminology to tell you about the new features that you already know about in a toy that you don’t want. Probably.

But! First, eBooks, bratwurst, fireworks, and Bike or Die!