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Don’t Lose Sight Of The Basics

Every once in a while, I read a blog post that originated somewhere in coastal California about some great new wisdom they’ve uncovered over there: looking at printed typesetting for web design tips, or reading bound books for entertainment, or using scraps of paper to carry information, or finding joy in learning to knit… and I get this unsettling vision of travelers returning to Earth in blazing white and chrome, Apple-branded spacecraft, gaping and grinning with wonder as they discover that they can make noise by banging two rocks together, and cook over a fire.

Instant Review: Speed Racer

Or, Meteoro La Película

Today, we watched Speed Racer, but in some unusual conditions:

  1. We muted the sound,1
  2. We turned on Spanish subtitles, and
  3. We looped the Wipeout 3 soundtrack on shuffle over the film.

It was OK.

  1. Important: we did not just fail to turn on the receiver, but actually turned it on and then muted it.  Not for any particular reason.  It was muted from the beginning, and not because the audio annoyed us at first. []

Out Of Touch With My Roots

A Return To Bipedal Hominidism

Okay.  How big a computer nerd do you have to be before you are walking 0.8 miles, and you think, “Man, walking still works pretty reliably to get me around.  The old Biped Two-Step is still pretty easy.”

Granted, I’m not in my usual state of mind.  Why?  Try this:

  1. Stay out late for beers and all-you-can-eat fish+chips at a local brewery, then stay up some more to play with the new PSP firmware
  2. Wake up throughout the night due to restless stomach (oh, fish+chips, why must you be so SALTY and OILY)
  3. Get out of bed unnaturally early (for a Saturday, 6:20 AM will do) to take your car into the mechanic before the 8:00 AM rush1
  4. ??? (I’m close to a breakthrough here.  I think “???” might actually be “nap”.)
  5. Profit! (HAR HAR AS IF. I took my car to a mechanic.  I’m in for $188.83 before they even finish the diagnostics on my anti-lock braking system.)

P.S. - Re: “unnaturally early” – For those of you who get up every morning at 5:00 AM and go punch wallabees or whatever it is you do at 5:00 AM, you probably weren’t drowning fried cods in beers at 10:00 PM, so I think we work from different givens.  You can have your dark wake-up calls; I’ll take my dark at night when it seems more natural.  Besides, by working in shifts, we can oppress the wallabees at all hours.

P.P.S. – Also, if my wife – who is always awake before I am – is so sleepy that I’d rather leave her in bed than have her come pick me up in the 45 degree weather, it must be unnaturally early.

P.P.P.S. – Also, I have made claims that I like this weather, but those claims were necessarily based on memories that were at least a year old.  I can now substantiate those claims, though:  I enjoyed taking a chilly walk through dry leaves with my knit cap, fleece, jacket and gloves on.  My face was pleasantly cold, and the rest of me was not too hot. 2

P.P.P.P.S. – Given that I program the thermostat at my house, you may now pity my wife.

P.P.P.P.P.S. – Small miracle: I dislike Halloween more every year, but my walk turned up just about zero crazy-zealous Halloween decorations.  Unless you count the costumed mannequins in the front window of the… um… “Adult Sleepwear” store down the street.  But they’re crazy-zealous year round.

  1. The rush is not so brutal on a Saturday, but it’s nearly a guarantee that if you bring your car in that early, you will get it looked at before 10:00 AM instead of after lunch. []
  2. Note to future self: Hi!  I left some candy in the back of the cupboard, which you have probably totally forgotten about by now.  Check it for ants and staleness.  If it’s still okay, Enjoy!  Um… unless you already ate it, in which case, it wasn’t me!  Well, it wasn’t me me!  It was the me between me me and you me, so blame him (us).
    Oh.  Also, you can use this paragraph as substantiation for your weather claims in (me me) my future!  Yeah, totally awesome.

A Unique Turn Of Phrase

Welcome To The Grid

I love my domain registrar, I really do.  They’re inexpensive, they’re fast, their website is easy to use, and I have yet to discover any objectionable practices.  They even offer a feature called “Private Domains”, by which you can (for an additional fee) register domain names without publishing your name, telephone number and home address where anyone with a WHOIS client can harvest them.

And you have to love this confirmation email:

Greetings and Welcome to GKG! Thank you for choosing to register ANOTHERDOMAINNAME.COM with GKG. You have taken the first step to establishing yourself in the cyberworld of the Internet. Please review the following information for accuracy…

Mmm… I kind of like that romantic language.  Welcome to CYBERWORLD. (Does Cory Doctorow’s alarm clock say that when he wakes up?)

(And I really do like GKG.  Give them a look next time you have a good idea for a domain.)


Neologisms, get your neologisms here

Me:  I guess those videos I uploaded for our site are pretty popular, because a lot of people are subscribing to our YouTube channel now.  We should upload more for them to see.

S (My company’s webmaster):  81 subscribers!  And we didn’t ask them to subscribe, or tell them how.

Me:  They must just be people who are into YouTube.  Tubivores?

S:  Did you just make that up?  I’m using that.

I did, and Google reveals that two other people have used the word.  One of them is the title of a deviantART image that features tubes, and the other is a username.  There is also, apparently, a robot named “The Tubavore”.

So, I hereby claim “Tubivore” meaning a person who is a power user on YouTube:  one who views videos, maybe uploads them, and knows how to search and subscribe to videos and channels of interest.

This one has got to have more legs than “Racoomba“.