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Mega Man 9

Are You A Bad Enough Dude

With the likes of Jeff Gerstmann and Ryan Davis at Giant Bomb decrying Mega Man 9 as way hard, I wondered if maybe I had made a bad decision in buying fully three copies of this downloadable gem.1

However, a Gamasutra article about the game gave me hope that I could get along with the challenge.  Now, at my in-laws’ house, I have determined experimentally that I am, in fact, still a hard enough dude to enjoy some Mega Man, by knocking out Galaxy Man, Jewel Man, and Plug Man already, and itching for more (once Dad’s done watching the Rose Bowl).

(However, I’m not too hard a dude to appreciate this little guide.)

  1. One on XBLA, one on my Wii, and one along with a copy of Mega Man 2 on my youngest brother’s Wii.  This last one was so that I could play in our PA hotel room, but also so that he’ll have a chance to hone his skills. []

Now Playing: Final Fantasy

Ongoing PSP Adventures

I have played this game many times.  And seldom do I break the tradition of the first group I ever fielded, well over a decade ago1:

The Original Party

The Original Party

Admission: this is senseless.  When I first played Final Fantasy on the NES, I was not familiar with the genre, despite coming in well after the fourth game in the series had been released on the SNES.  I chose these classes because they were on the screen to begin with, and I figured I didn’t know any better.  I didn’t even have the instruction manual to guide me.

(Also, it always struck me as strange that the names could only be four letters long.  Later on, I learned Japanese, and then it made sense:  In the Japanese kana, each character represents a syllable.  So, allowing up to four characters is allowing up to four syllables, and a four syllable name is quite long enough!  Allowing longer names after the translation to English would have required an interface overhaul.)

And now, I have the PSP version.

It looks and sounds very good, even by comparison to the GBA version of a few years ago:

This Wolf Is Doomed

My "Expanded" Names Aren't Much Classier

I think it’s hilarious that I keep buying and playing new versions of this game, and I love it every time.  This time, it’s even pre-empted another old favorite I had started back into.

Don't Wait Up, Guys

Don't Wait Up...

  1. One of my little brothers will have to tell me if I got the Black Belt’s name right.  I keep oscillating between “Kane” and “Kage”. []