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Mega Man 9

Are You A Bad Enough Dude

With the likes of Jeff Gerstmann and Ryan Davis at Giant Bomb decrying Mega Man 9 as way hard, I wondered if maybe I had made a bad decision in buying fully three copies of this downloadable gem.1

However, a Gamasutra article about the game gave me hope that I could get along with the challenge.  Now, at my in-laws’ house, I have determined experimentally that I am, in fact, still a hard enough dude to enjoy some Mega Man, by knocking out Galaxy Man, Jewel Man, and Plug Man already, and itching for more (once Dad’s done watching the Rose Bowl).

(However, I’m not too hard a dude to appreciate this little guide.)

  1. One on XBLA, one on my Wii, and one along with a copy of Mega Man 2 on my youngest brother’s Wii.  This last one was so that I could play in our PA hotel room, but also so that he’ll have a chance to hone his skills. []

Endless Ocean

Now showing on the main screen in the Pikaplex:  my wife scuba dives on the Wii, and makes friends with all the fish. No, really.  She pets them, and they start following her around.  There are also sharks around, but this being a family-friendly game, it seems like the extent of the danger is that they don’t want you to pet them.

If you have a Wii (and a wife?) you might consider giving this a try.

Meanwhile, I’m reading the manual for Monster Hunter Freedom 2 on the PSP, and wondering where a handheld game gets off being so complicated.

Pokémon Snap on Virtual Console

Pokémon Snap has come to Wii Virtual Console.

Now all I need is PilotWings 64, and I’m set.

Wii: Everybody Votes

HOUSECLEANING TIME: I have about 44,000,000 started-but-not-finished blog posts sitting in my database here. I’m going to delete a bunch of them, and pop a few out onto the blog.

The Wii has an application (okay, okay, a “Channel”) that lets you join an online poll that covers your region or even the globe. Basically, it’s a two-response poll like you might see on a blog or forum post. EXCITING, I’M SURE. Okay, actually it is pretty neat. After the cut: a little bit about why it’s cool, a video about it by some dude on YouTube, and the math to figure out what percentage of Wii users are female.

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Wii Forecast Channel

Skies are… different

K has just noticed something: in the Wii Forecast Channel, the weather icons for Japanese cities are… cuter than the icons for every other city on the planet.  When it’s cloudy in Osaka, I half-expect to see Lakitu pop up.

Oh, yeah: In other news, K just got us a Wii for our anniversary a few weeks ago!