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You go back, Jack, do it again

If you pay attention to “gaming news” at all, you probably already know about Braid.1  And, if you’ve heard about Braid, you’ve also heard this:

Braid is a very important game, and everyone should be playing it.

I’m not sure what that means2, but here’s what I do know.  I started playing Braid with my wife – I handled the gameplay, and we brainstormed over the puzzles – and it was really cool.  I even had a dream that featured one of the more mind-bending time effects.  Then, as family and friends converged onto our couch for a weekend celebration, I showed it off to them, and instead of dismissing it as a shiny toy, most of them jumped in and joined the brainstorm.

So, I guess it’s a party game for brainiacs?  As long as you have one platform-enabled thumbster among you?  Could be.  $15 isn’t much to spend to entertain a room full of people.  ($20, if you add in the cost of a bottle of Advil for the ones that get a migraine.)

If you care for an overview of what makes Braid work so well, I’ve described some of what I noticed after the break.  Spoiler danger: low.

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  1. I won’t get into a lot of detail about it for that very reason, but you can check out Giant Bomb’s video review (WARNING: The “S” word is used) if you need some background. []
  2. Especially since it’s only out on XBLA right now!  PC to come later, though. []


Gaze Upon My Works, Ye Crustaceans, And Despair

On many a Friday night, K and I like to go out with our friends R and B for dinner. And often, I will insist on a place with good, local beer. And that frequently means Emmett’s. As a bonus, Emmett’s has a Friday Prime Rib special and a Friday Fish & Chips special – this does not hurt its case at all.

But on this Friday, things would be different. On this Friday, Unforeseen Circumstances came into play, and the crabs were out in force.

All You Can Eat Crab

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The Latest RiffTrax

I has it.

The Amazing, Vanishing RiffTrax!

I was about to write about how much we have been enjoying RiffTrax over the last week at Fort Pika, but as of last night, the website is suddenly inaccessible!

Come back, RiffTrax! I hadn’t even bought The Matrix riff yet!


Conor at RiffTrax lets us know in the comments that they’ll be back soon. Hooray!

UPDATE 2 is back online.

I Guess If You Ran Out Of Crossword Puzzles

You could find something else to do in the bathroom


I’d say I can’t believe anyone would think this hard about anything this trivial, but I’d be lying.