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He’s Wrong, Of Course

Or maybe he’s just not tired enough…

…but this code should DEFINITELY return 5. (Let the insinuations that I invented xkcd seven years or so in the past begin… now.)

SketchUp Comedy

Also implicates iRobot

Herb: I was building your new house in the new version of sketchup, but it CARASHEDDD
Herb: Oh well
Dave: Wait.
Dave: The one with tubes?
[On the previous day, Dave and I were discussing the possibilities of constructing a house that features a system of Jefferies Tubes.]
Dave: Man.
Dave: Unfortunately, in real life, Jefferie’s tubes would be a breeding ground for Racoons.
Herb: Have you seen The Andromeda Strain?
Dave: Nay.
Dave: Only read it.
Herb: They solved their “animals in the tubes” problem. WITH LASERS.
Herb: I don’t recall if that part was in the book, or only in the movie.
Herb: But, you know.
Dave: Hmm.
Dave: Stupid racoons.
Herb: Well, you’d have to empty the carcass traps once in a while.
Dave: Naw, dude.
Dave: Racoomba.

What you need to know

When you need to know it

Public service announcement? Wacky experiment? Potential widespread corruption of engineering students? You decide.

Back From The Ashes

Michael J. Nelson is BACK!

With RiffTrax, a sort of DIY MST3K for (shall we say) less obscure films! Yeeeeeessssss! (h/t Lileks)

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Diagrammed For Simplicity

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