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Like Blogging In Haiku

My blog posts that go over 140 characters seem wasteful and bulky, so now they’re rare(r) (but not extinct).  Twitter feed is here.

Goose Call

The world becomes ever stranger

Every once in a while, Canthros pocket-dials me.  I always wonder why he’s calling, until he doesn’t answer my “Hello,” and I hear his footsteps.  Then I know that he didn’t actually mean to call.

Yesterday, my phone rang as I pulled into the parking lot at work.  It turned out to be another pocket-dial from Canthros, but I thought I heard a rhythmic honking sound.  I chalked this up to an audio artifact, but I guess I should have paid it more heed.


Someone on Twitter quit Google Reader, and man! – that is tempting .1  I still use it to keep up with the entire world, so killing it would unplug me completely – but I’m losing my will to keep up with this torrent of information, when I could be working for clients, or doing Extreme Unnecessary Overtime, or being social, or programming for fun, or playing Dwarf Fortress…  I did these things this week instead of reading Reader obsessively, and then spent much of today clearing the backlog of 538 items I’d accumulated since Tuesday.

(Maybe I could cull out some of the weaker feeds… but even if I did that right now, I’m still going to see my friends’ 130 shared items in the morning about the Congress, guns, Libertarianism, and novelty cupcakes.)

Is it (really) okay to declare Reader Jubilee from time to time and hit the “Mark All As Read” button?  After all, sharing with friends is a communications protocol, and so that might be construed as analogous to not reading my mail!  Sure, I’ve played the “I saw that you shared it, but didn’t click through” card, but will “Reader Jubilee” really play?

Also, is it just me, or are you also falling victim to Really Substantial Syndication?

  1. Not quitting NetFlix, though.  I have little use for the DVD rental service, but it’s worth a handful of bills each month to be able to stream Duck Soup to the Xbox on demand. []

Christmas Lists Updated

One Task Handled

Attention, family members who have been asking me about my wish lists:

I have now vetted my and wish lists.  They now contain nothing that I already own.


All At Once Now

I expect the mechanic will call me at any minute, to have me come pick up my car. For your edification and entertainment, I shall now tell you what it feels like to rip off the band aid all at once.  What you are about to see is about $1100 in maintenance and fixes.1

Despite what you may think, I’m pretty pleased with this outcome.  I always budget about a grand for preventative maintenance at the first cold weather.  Also, this car is at 120,000 miles, and the longer I can keep it going, the longer I don’t have to buy a new one.  :)

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  1. Hilariously, after he called me and gave me all the quotes and got my approval and decisions, he called me back with an amended total because I had left a $25 coupon as well.  I wonder if he’s like me, in that he worries about how people feel when he gives them big bills… []