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Like Blogging In Haiku

My blog posts that go over 140 characters seem wasteful and bulky, so now they’re rare(r) (but not extinct).  Twitter feed is here.


Neologisms, get your neologisms here

Me:  I guess those videos I uploaded for our site are pretty popular, because a lot of people are subscribing to our YouTube channel now.  We should upload more for them to see.

S (My company’s webmaster):  81 subscribers!  And we didn’t ask them to subscribe, or tell them how.

Me:  They must just be people who are into YouTube.  Tubivores?

S:  Did you just make that up?  I’m using that.

I did, and Google reveals that two other people have used the word.  One of them is the title of a deviantART image that features tubes, and the other is a username.  There is also, apparently, a robot named “The Tubavore”.

So, I hereby claim “Tubivore” meaning a person who is a power user on YouTube:  one who views videos, maybe uploads them, and knows how to search and subscribe to videos and channels of interest.

This one has got to have more legs than “Racoomba“.

Unknown Knowns

Not Knowing You Know What Needs To Be Known

I feel like a doofus.  It turns out that, for the past week, I have known the solution to Pedant’s DSL problem.  I assumed that he had to wait for some fix deep within the ISP.

That may have been the case, but by today, his issue was just like one I had a few years ago.  More importantly, I remembered the solution that Technical Support led me through1.

Him:  (On the phone)  Can you believe that their call volume is so high that they can’t keep me on hold?  I have to call back later.

Me: Man, that’s pretty busy.  I wonder what they have to do to fix your service.  If only your modem’s DSL light was lit, I could help you.

Him:  Actually, my DSL light has been lit for days.

Me:  …OK, buckle up.  We’re doing this.

I’m glad I was able to help a friend get back online, especially since being offline vexed him so.  I’m even glad to be able to ease the load on our provider’s overloaded call centers.  I just feel kind of dumb that I didn’t help to diagnose the problem sooner.

  1. And I remembered at enough to be able to find the particulars of the solution. []

SketchUp Comedy

Also implicates iRobot

Herb: I was building your new house in the new version of sketchup, but it CARASHEDDD
Herb: Oh well
Dave: Wait.
Dave: The one with tubes?
[On the previous day, Dave and I were discussing the possibilities of constructing a house that features a system of Jefferies Tubes.]
Dave: Man.
Dave: Unfortunately, in real life, Jefferie’s tubes would be a breeding ground for Racoons.
Herb: Have you seen The Andromeda Strain?
Dave: Nay.
Dave: Only read it.
Herb: They solved their “animals in the tubes” problem. WITH LASERS.
Herb: I don’t recall if that part was in the book, or only in the movie.
Herb: But, you know.
Dave: Hmm.
Dave: Stupid racoons.
Herb: Well, you’d have to empty the carcass traps once in a while.
Dave: Naw, dude.
Dave: Racoomba.