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Packaging Efficiency FAIL

Amazon sent me this:

Kensington Bluetooth USB Micro Adapter

In this box:

Kensington Bluetooth USB Micro Adapter plus box


Letting Go

Must Accounts Live Forever

Currently, I have my Jabber account rigged up to keep my presence alive on the “legacy” chat networks[1]. However, so many of my friends and family have moved over to XMPP networks (Jabber and Google Talk) that it barely makes sense to keep these accounts around.

Once you factor in the constant “Log into your Hotmail account!” spam[2] and “5489751621897@icq wants authorization to view your status” spam from miscellaneous chatbots, it really doesn’t make any sense at all… unless you factor in those people who might still use only the legacy networks.

So, a few questions for regular readers and members of “legacy” contacts. Are you just using a legacy network and none of the XMPP networks? Do you have a good reason why we should keep using those old networks? Tell us your point of view in a comment.

If you’ve got me set up on one of your legacy accounts, but not on your shiny new Jabber/Google Talk account, let me know! Both of us could use one less reason to hold on to old and spammy networks.

  1. In my case, ICQ, AIM, MSN and Yahoo! – networks that I’m no longer using actively, and wouldn’t add a contact to, but just lurk on []
  2. I haven’t logged into my Hotmail account in years []

Unknown Knowns

Not Knowing You Know What Needs To Be Known

I feel like a doofus.  It turns out that, for the past week, I have known the solution to Pedant’s DSL problem.  I assumed that he had to wait for some fix deep within the ISP.

That may have been the case, but by today, his issue was just like one I had a few years ago.  More importantly, I remembered the solution that Technical Support led me through[1].

Him:  (On the phone)  Can you believe that their call volume is so high that they can’t keep me on hold?  I have to call back later.

Me: Man, that’s pretty busy.  I wonder what they have to do to fix your service.  If only your modem’s DSL light was lit, I could help you.

Him:  Actually, my DSL light has been lit for days.

Me:  …OK, buckle up.  We’re doing this.

I’m glad I was able to help a friend get back online, especially since being offline vexed him so.  I’m even glad to be able to ease the load on our provider’s overloaded call centers.  I just feel kind of dumb that I didn’t help to diagnose the problem sooner.

  1. And I remembered at enough to be able to find the particulars of the solution. []