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Sound Data

I’m really enjoying Fallout 3, but I guess the musical score isn’t very memorable.  I say this because, even though I played it for several hours this afternoon, it’s still the music from church this morning that is playing in my head.  On the other hand, it’s almost certainly unfair to expect ambient video game music to stand up to full-blown hymns.

But no, even trying to recall it only brings to mind that there is a low electronic beeping somewhere in the Megaton theme song that always makes me think of computers, even though Megaton itself seems far more “wild west” to me.

Dean Martin Has Been Trapped In My Head For 20 Years

While working with Pandora humming along in the background, I suddenly realized that the song playing was one I used to sing to myself as a young child and every once in a while since then. If I ever knew it was a real song, it would have been at least 20 years ago! Big points to Pandora.

xoc – SMW


Have a really awesome performance of the entire Super Mario World theme music. (Free, downloadable, etc.)

More Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Songs

6 CDs of Your Favorite ET Hits!

Given the runaway success of The [pf!] Fight Song (well, Lamebot fell out of his chair… and Pedant thought he was required to memorize it), Canthros and I have come up with a few more vamps. Sadly, we will probably be unable to help ourselves from singing little bits of these while playing… Continue reading ‘More Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory Songs’