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Packaging Efficiency FAIL

Amazon sent me this:

Kensington Bluetooth USB Micro Adapter

In this box:

Kensington Bluetooth USB Micro Adapter plus box


Tiger Tiger Burning Bright

You’re Almost In Line-Of-Sight

It looks like Tiger Direct has now opened one of their retail outlets LESS THAN TWO MILES FROM MY APARTMENT.  Must stay calm… Must breathe… Must hide all the credit cards…

It Got Around To Me

The web server upgrade was grand for a while, but then I started getting mysterious, daily kernel panics. While the occasional glitch is expected for any machine built out of parts that are just lying around, 40% downtime does not indicate a respectable level of reliability, even for the $0 price. After all, having a slick’n'fast WordPress installation is worthless if it’s never actually running when I want to post!

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Got Around To It

I had enough hardware lying around that I no longer had any real excuse for running the web server on a PII-350. Now it’s running a bit faster.

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Computer Upgrade Financing

The Lucky Way

Note: This is an old post. I actually did the upgrades, and then I was too busy playing games to release the post… Oops! I’ll talk about the new computer later.

I’ve been looking at upgrading my gaming computer. Currently, it’s aging pretty badly. Without laying out too many boring details:

  • 2.0 GHz AMD Athlon1
  • 1 GB DDR RAM
  • AGP Video Card by ATI
  • IDE Hard Drives

If you’re one of the people reading this who thinks, “That’s not bad at all! That will still run every application I use.” you may well be right. You have probably also never tried to run Bethesda’s Oblivion, or run Half-Life 2 Episode 1 with HDR turned on, or even considered BioShock or the other games coming into view. I won’t hold that against you. I even envy you a little bit. Your computing experience is a lot cheaper than mine, for starters.

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  1. As in, a single-core processor. []