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GameTap Early Review

Overall Vibe: Quite Positive

I finally decided to subscribe to GameTap after it was announced that they were redeveloping and launching Myst Online: Uru Live this February 15, and that the public beta program is already underway. I’ll get into more details about Myst Online later, but understand that it was indeed my tilting point for this service, and I think K shares my motivation in that regard. Others joined up at the same time for the episodic Sam & Max games — 3 so far. Still others, while being dragged into Myst Online for the first time, immediately noticed some of the videos that are also part of the service. There’s some original episodes, as well as some old favorite low-rent features like SeaLab 2021, Space Ghost Coast-to-Coast and Megaman. (Samples of my favorite new-to-me features, “A Day in the Extra Life” and “C0MPu73R L4B” are available behind that link.)

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Recommended Equipment

Gamers, and especially Pikas: you should know about Xfire. It is:

  • A presence management tool, with indicators for when you’re gaming, including which game you are in, and which server you’re on,
  • A chat client capable of working while a game is running, without requiring the player to leave the game,
  • A chat room program, to facilitate game planning,
  • An automatic patching tool for your games, and
  • Most importantly, it gives the functionality of the Tribes 2 “Buddy List” that we all miss so much to all of our other games (as well as TeamSpeak, although our server, “[pf!]’s Secret Volcano Base”, kind of wrecks this, as it requires a password).
  • It also seems to have a few other features that we’d find less useful, like its own voice chat capabilities, and a rather anaemic server browser utility. It also keeps stats and profiles, etc., blah blah blah…

Pedant and I tested some of this functionality out last night, and I was able to find him in a BF2 game immediately, and join right from the Xfire client. This, in itself, makes it worth the price of software (free) and registration (free). By all means, give it a shot!

Windows Genuine Something Notification (KB0MGW7FH4X)

Are You SURE You Aren’t A Pirate?

This HIGH-PRIORITY UPDATE for Windows XP will be installed by your system as soon as possible, as it is vital to the continued proper operation of your PC, apparently. By all means, if you do not have Automatic System Modifications enabled, please visit Microsoft Update as soon as humanly possible to ensure the speedy correction of this vulnerablility before ne’er-do-wells exploit your system and possibly run software for which Microsoft does not receive royalty payments. Also, be sure to visit the “More information” link if you crave the “Confidence and Peace of Mind” that only “knowing that your software is legitimate and fully supported” can bring. If the photos accompanying this “informative” page are to be taken into account, you will also feel compelled to hug your computer. Awwwwww!
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