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Stupid Forum Tricks

An Open Bug Report To The Software Development Community:

Product: Forum Software (any)
Area: Registration
Category: Bug
Priority: 1-Security Failure

Forum registration software is sending user-entered passwords (in plaintext, over unencrypted channels, through unaudited networks!) in registration confirmation emails.

Does this seem like unfortunate design to anyone else? It’s too much effort to come up with unguessable, memorable passwords to waste the products on thoughtless security breaches.

BioShock DEMO Installs [Unwanted Software That Is Not Actually A Rootkit]

What on EARTH

Slashdot | BioShock Installs a Rootkit
Facts have surfaced that show that the recently released PC game BioShock installs a rootkit, which embeds itself into Explorer, as part of its SecureROM copy-protection scheme. Not only that, but just installing the demo infects your system with the rootkit.

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I For One Welcome Our High-Resolution Overlords

If you are in the process, as I am, of steadily increasing the pixel-count of your screens, and you’re wondering how you will be able to keep using operating systems as the pixels become ever smaller, you have maybe thought about the possibility of completely-scalable interfaces.  You know what I mean:   Zoom in on the active window, and zoom the other ones out.  Keep everything perfectly readable at all sizes, but be able to change sizes on the fly.

It will be awesome.

One way of achieving this result is found in replacing our current, rastered interfaces with vector-based interfaces.

Another way may be found in Text Rendering:

My short answer is while Microsoft uses their aggressive hinting there will be no higher than 100 DPI resolutions, period. With the Microsoft approach there is simply no way to break this vicious circle.

I’m not a big fan of ClearType, although in true Good Doggie fashion, I am trying to learn to love it.  It hasn’t turned me completely off subpixel rendering yet, and maybe there is hope.

Windows Genuine Something Notification (KB0MGW7FH4X)

Are You SURE You Aren’t A Pirate?

This HIGH-PRIORITY UPDATE for Windows XP will be installed by your system as soon as possible, as it is vital to the continued proper operation of your PC, apparently. By all means, if you do not have Automatic System Modifications enabled, please visit Microsoft Update as soon as humanly possible to ensure the speedy correction of this vulnerablility before ne’er-do-wells exploit your system and possibly run software for which Microsoft does not receive royalty payments. Also, be sure to visit the “More information” link if you crave the “Confidence and Peace of Mind” that only “knowing that your software is legitimate and fully supported” can bring. If the photos accompanying this “informative” page are to be taken into account, you will also feel compelled to hug your computer. Awwwwww!
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