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Firefox Extensions Refactored

Warning: Potentially Boring Topic!

I have to admit to having been something of an extension collector from the time I started using Firefox. I came to Firefox from Opera and Avant[0], and extensions are what sealed the deal. Step 1 was extending Firefox until it had mouse gestures and session saving. Step 2 was adding everything I thought was a cool value-add. Step 3 was using it like this for over a year, collecting cool extensions as I discovered uses for them, and generally just browsing extremely slowly. Step 4 was discovering the source of the biggest Firefox memory leaks, which is important to a guy who opens hundreds of links a day. Originally, I “worked around” this problem by restarting Firefox every once ina while — mostly painless when you have session saving capability — but this is a sub-optimal solution which had to stop. So, Step 5, which happened this weekend, was a paring-down of extensions to fewer than two-dozen (!) that either add value to the browsing experience, or at least stay out of the way and (mostly) out of my memory when they’re not in use. In the hope that this list will prove to be useful to others, I present it here, along with my rationale for each piece. I will also do my best to admit the guilty pleasures and not hide my shame in rationalization. ;)  Continue reading ‘Firefox Extensions Refactored’