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A Unique Turn Of Phrase

Welcome To The Grid

I love my domain registrar, I really do.  They’re inexpensive, they’re fast, their website is easy to use, and I have yet to discover any objectionable practices.  They even offer a feature called “Private Domains”, by which you can (for an additional fee) register domain names without publishing your name, telephone number and home address where anyone with a WHOIS client can harvest them.

And you have to love this confirmation email:

Greetings and Welcome to GKG! Thank you for choosing to register ANOTHERDOMAINNAME.COM with GKG. You have taken the first step to establishing yourself in the cyberworld of the Internet. Please review the following information for accuracy…

Mmm… I kind of like that romantic language.  Welcome to CYBERWORLD. (Does Cory Doctorow’s alarm clock say that when he wakes up?)

(And I really do like GKG.  Give them a look next time you have a good idea for a domain.)

Italian/French Soda @ Starbucks

Small-time Café Drinks

Do you like an Italian soda on a muggy day, or maybe a French soda instead of a cheap ice cream bar?  Sadly, they’re not on the Starbucks menu, and many times nobody in the store knows how to make one.

They do carry all the ingredients, though.  A local barista was nice enough to give me this recipe as she mixed it up for me.  Share it with your local Starbucks crew, so they can make one for you, too!

(If you’ve never tried one, here’s a hint: raspberry French soda is really good!  But then, I bet peach would be better…)

Italian/French Soda

  • Venti ice
  • 6 shots of flavored syrup
  • 1 250mL bottle of San Pellegrino sparkling water1
  • ~ 1″ half-and-half (French soda only)

I can’t claim that many Bothans died to bring us this information… but the barista did get some raspberry syrup in her eye!

  1. You may have to fetch the San Pellegrino out of the cooler and hand it to the cashier. []

This Month in GameTap

Putting potential problems with digital distribution of game software aside for a moment, K and I have been playing in GameTap1 a lot lately.

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  1. Warning: IETab Zone Ahead. []

This Was A Comment

…but it’s too long

Thank goodness, Verizon Wireless actually lets you switch handsets using their website and the new handset exclusively, obviating any contact with their support staff. This way, it only takes 10 minutes instead of 70.  Continue reading ‘This Was A Comment’