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If Leonardo Had Made Toys

He would have made a mint at RHIT Homecoming

The NYT has finally noticed what the Pikafoop clan figured out at Homecoming 2006: it is TOTALLY FREAKING AWESOME to play with flying R/C toys. (Article contains descriptions of some toys — including some we tried, like my favorite Picco Z — as well as some technical details about how and why these toys are making a market.) Via Slashdot RSS Feed

Picco Z

As Seen At RHIT Homecoming

Toys “R” Us can’t seem to keep them in stock, but it turns out that my favorite little helio-copter is available at RADIO SHACK everywhere. Get your $40 and GO GO GO! (Instant Review: Nearly impossible to steer, but flies easily and looks cool doing it. You’ll have to adjust the trim — you do so by tapping the trim button on the remote a LOT of times, but after that, it’s a great party toy, and good for indoors. Try to avoid swatting it out of the air, though, or you will break the delicate wiring near the tail.)

The Time Has Come

We’ve all been waiting…

It’s time for me to sell my Glasstrons and get a pair of these. Seriously. These seem to be everything I’d want my Glasstrons to be.