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Voter Guides

I’ve made my list and checked it twice, and I’m ready to go.  Are you?  Even if you know who you’re voting for in the presidential, legislative and other local races, the best way to avoid Voter’s Remorse is to double-check where the candidates stand according to their records.  After all, who can keep track of everything they’ve been willing to say (then clarify, and refute, and finally restate) while they’re on the trail?

Here’s my formula:  Grab a voter guide from a source you trust1.  Verify where the candidates stand on those issues you count as important.  Then, vote your principles and conscience.

Oh, and get in early, to avoid the rush!  :)

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  1. Or, even better, get a few guides to compare. []

More Ideas

Subsequent To More Beer

Yes, I’ve had a few, and now a slice of chocolate cake.  However, this time I’m resisting the urge to start a worldwide organization devoted to the promotion of chocolate cakes.

Speaking of which, I need to find some new YouTube clips of cats falling down.


Gaze Upon My Works, Ye Crustaceans, And Despair

On many a Friday night, K and I like to go out with our friends R and B for dinner. And often, I will insist on a place with good, local beer. And that frequently means Emmett’s. As a bonus, Emmett’s has a Friday Prime Rib special and a Friday Fish & Chips special – this does not hurt its case at all.

But on this Friday, things would be different. On this Friday, Unforeseen Circumstances came into play, and the crabs were out in force.

All You Can Eat Crab

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Birthday Speakers

Karen bought me some new speakers for my birthday1:

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  1. These go really well with my new sound card… I guess I really should blog about my new computer! []

Robots for Christ

This Way: Off the Deep End —>

You can find stuff like this if you google for “robots for christ.”

Why would you google for such a thing?

Let me answer that with another question:

Do you know Dave?